Digital printing

  • Offline coating machines, as well as equipment, accessories and service for all kinds of coating applications

With increasing market share in the field of digital printing, the demand for differentiation of print products through varnishing or finishing is growing. In addition, there is a considerable increase in demand for functional finishing of printed products, such as protective coatings for scratch or abrasion protection, UV light protection, slip or anti-slip coatings. Similar to offset printing about 15 to 20 years ago, this topic is still new territory for many users in digital printing.

Unlike in conventional printing processes, such as offset printing, the implementation of coating applications in digital printing is significantly more complex due to the variety of printing processes. There is often a lack of experience here in the areas of design and implementation.

One example of this is the rapidly increasing demand for haptic effects such as soft touch on business cards or flyers. In the meantime, a large number of very good effects can be realized using coatings and thus high-quality print products can be created. There is no need to laminate cost-intensive films. 

In order to answer the many questions that arise for users when using coatings, such as

  • Which coating applications are available
  • Which machine and which accessories for which application
  • Can I prime my sheets independently, etc.?

GEPA Coating Solutions supports print service providers in solving existing problems and provides information about the extensive possibilities for implementing new applications.